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Twixt Bookshelf Game

A Brilliant Battle of Barriers That Challenges Your Wit and Tactical Thinking!

3M Company GA-110 - 1962

From the Box:

Twixt - the stimulating battle of strategic skill, with every play a climactic turning point! Main object: Try to connect your borders with an uninterrupted chain of linked pegs - and block your rival's attempts to stop you! Twixt is for all ages - two players, or four players in teams of two. Handsome, leather-like book-shelf case contains big 16" x 16" fold-away board, pegs, links and complete instructions.

      Game Parts:
    • Box
    • Instructions
    • 4 piece plastic game board
    • Plastic Peg box with 4 trays
    • an assortment of red and black pegs and "barriers".

Box Front

Box Front with parts tray, game board and insert shown slid out.

Box Side

Box Back

Game Board

Rules Insert

Parts Tray with Pegs and Barriers