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SPI - Simulations Publications, Inc.

SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) was founded in 1969 by James F. Dunnigan in order to publish the financially ailing Strategy & Tactics Magazine. Emphasis quickly shifted to wargame publishing and became a driving force in the wargaming industry. After going bankrupt in 1982, its assets were aquired by TSR.

Blurb from SPI Game Catalog:

Over 100 titles from Simulations Publications' complete line of Simulations Series Games, QuadriGames, and Folio Series Games. Every period in history is represented from 3000 BC to the far future! SSG's and Quads are attractively packaged using a specially designed, compartmented plastic tray (these games are also available at a reduced price without packaging; see Z-Pack Games on the Order Form).

The physical components of all games are generally similar, consisting of a playing map printed on cardstock or heavy paper (usually 22" x 34"), 100 to 400 die-cut cardboard playing pieces, and complete rules. Our low price Folio Series Games are handsomely packaged in an illustrated 9" x 12" glossy folder (with an interior pocket to hold the components). Folio Games have 17" x 22" maps and 100 counters. Note that most of the Folio Games may also be had as a part of a QuadriGame - a set of four related Folios packaged together.

Coming in April '76, a selected group of SSG's and Folios will be presented as Designer's Edition Games and Collector's Edition Games - each in a 9" x 12" x 2" hard box with a compartmented plastic tray and game maps mounted on fully-wrapped, hard boards.

Subscribers to Strategy & Tactics Magazine are eligible for special discounts on SPI games when they buy them directly from SPI in quantities of three or more. See the back of the Order Form.

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Bulge SPI Games

The Battle for the Ardennes 16 Dec. '44 - 2 Jan. '45

1979 SPI
# SPI 2850

Death Maze SPI Games

Death Maze
Heroic Adventure in the Corridors of Doom

1979 SPI
# SPI 2800

Fulda Gap SPI Games

Fulda Gap
The First Battle of the Next War

1977 SPI
# SPI 1650

Mech War '77 SPI Games

Mech War '77
Tactical Armored Combat in the 1970's

1975 SPI Designer's Edition
# HMW-773

Sorcerer SPI Games

A Fantastic Simulation Game

1975 SPI Designer's Edition
# HSO-954

Spies! SPI Games

The multi-player game of International Intrigue

1981 SPI # 3420