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3M Bookshelf Games

Produced from 1962 to 1975, 3M Bookshelf Games were produced by the 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.) Company of Saint Paul, MN. The target market for these games were adults and the games were designed to resemble a handsome leather bound book and to fit on a standard bookshelf (hence the name of the game series). Avalon Hill purchased the entire line of 3M Games in 1976.

In addition to the standard family game line, 3M also had a sports and Educational line (billed as EduPlaytional).

Blurbs from various 3M Game Catalogs:

"These new 3M Bookshelf Games - So completely fascinating..." we've been told repeatedly. In response we added three more to the line - seven family games of strategy and skill that never fail to generate excitement and appreciation.

Age-Less Strategy - 3M Bookshelf Games are designed for all ages. The games are sure to tax the skill of adult players everywhere - yet the basic principles of these games are easy enough for children to play at their own level of strategy.

Bound-To-Appeal Packaging - The Bookshelf packaging, designed to be compact, convenient and eye-appealing, has been applauded. The handsome, leatherlike cases that just beg to be displayed are bound-to-appeal to all who rate enough to be on your gift list.

Intriguing 3M Bookshelf Games appeal to thinking adults and alert youngsters. Adults are fascinated by the vast amount of strategic skill and mental dexterity they may employ in playing the games. Children use the basic principles of play to enjoy the games at an easier strategy level. Bookshelf games, packaged in attractive leather-like slipcases, make a handsome set of volumes for any bookshelf.

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3M Bookshelf Games Twixt

1962 3M Bookshelf Game # GA-110

3M Bookshelf Games Quinto

1964 3M Bookshelf Game # GA-160

3M Bookshelf Games High Bid

1965 3M Bookshelf Game # GA-190
High Bid

3M Bookshelf Games Foil

1969 3M Bookshelf Game # GA-280