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Hasbro Avalon Hill

Specializing in wargames and strategic board games, the company was founded in 1958 by Charles Roberts and became a subsidiary of Monarch Avalon Printing in 1962. In 1976, the company purchased 3M’s line of games, which added a large non-wargame line to the Avalon Hill catalogue. In the 1970’s, Avalon Hill published a number of sports simulations as well. Starting in 1980, the company also tried its hand at publishing computer games for various computer platforms such as the TRS-80, Vic-20, Commodore 64, Apple II, etc… In 1998, Hasbro purchased Avalon Hill and added several older titles to the Avalon Hill line. Most notably Milton Bradley’s Gamemaster Series game Axis and Allies and the Parker Brothers game Risk.

Avalon Hill Axis & Allies Revised Edition Game

Axis & Allies Revised Edition Game

Axis and Allies has been one of the most popular war-based strategy games ever created and for it's 20th anniversary, it's gotten a whole new look. Based on 20 years worth of player comments and suggestions, this newly designed game includes the addition of artillery and destroyer playing pieces, a more detailed and colorful world-map with new sea zone configurations and new territories. The rules have been streamlined and clarified and the victory conditions have been balanced so that the Axis has as much of a chance to win as the Allies. Game comes with game board, 366 playing pieces, industrial production certificates, 8 information cards, 10 marshaling cards, control, marshaling, and aircraft markers, 12 dice, plastic chips, 40 page rule-book and new orders sheet detailing the changes that have been made. For 2-5 players.

Avalon Hill Axis & Allies Pacific Game

Axis & Allies Pacific Game

It's 1941, and the fate of the Pacific is in your hands. Now Axis and Allies takes its unmistakable brand of superior smarts to the greatest naval struggle of all time. As you and your opponents struggle to determine the fate of the world, your maritime strategy, your air power and the fortitude of your ground forces will all be tested. Comes with gameboard map, 345 plastic playing pieces (soldiers, planes, ships, etc.), industrial production certificates, three national reference charts, control markers and production chart, a battle board, task force cards, 12 dice and plastic chips. 2 or 3 players.

Avalon Hill Axis & Allies Europe Game

Axis & Allies Europe Game

To win the war, you must occupy Germany (if you are an Allied power) or occupy Great Britain, United States, or Moscow (if you are Germany). If you are to become a world leader, you must initiate masterful military maneuvers, conjure up clever economic strategies, and play power politics. If you already know how to play the original Axis & Allies game, you'll be able to master the learning curve quickly in this game. For those new to the game, there's a comprehensive instruction booklet that explains game pieces and rules of battle. Features over 350 historically accurate weapons and game pieces, and extra-large game board with detailed map of World War II Europe! Includes illustrated Gameplay Manual. For 2 to 4 players.

Avalon Hill Axis & Allies D-Day Game

Axis & Allies D-Day Game

It is the morning of June 6, 1944. Operation Overload has finally begun on the beaches of Normandy and the fate of Europe lies on your shoulders. In honor of the 60th anniversary of D-Day, this new Axis and Allies variant allows you to once again re-play history. Will you be the allied forces or take the axis as Germany? An extra large game board, new pieces and tactics cards add depth and complexity to this challenging WWII recreation game. Game includes game board, 240 combat unit playing pieces (115 infantry, 62 artillery, 36 tanks, 17 blockhouses, 8 fighters and 2 bombers), battle board, 48 tactical cards, rule book (with basic and advanced player instructions) 3 reinforcement charts, and 8 dice. Game time is approximately 2 hours. For 2 - 3 players.

Avalon Hill - Risk 2210 AD Game

Risk 2210 AD Game

In the new world order, who will be the new world leader? This futuristic version of the game of military strategy takes the struggle for worldwide domination under the seas and beyond the skies. Skillfully marshal your forces and enlist the right commanders with the right commands or be crushed by your opponents. This special 2210 AD edition comes with a 20 x 30 earth gameboard, a moon gameboard, five sets of army miniatures, five sets of commanders (diplomat, land, naval, nuclear and space), 20 plastic space stations, 71 Risk cards (land, water and lunar), 109 command cards, four devastation markers, one year marker, 80 cardboard energy markers, a score chart, five turn order markers 10 dice and very complete instructions. For 2 to 5 players.

Avalon Hill Risk Godstorm Game

Risk Godstorm Game

The classic game of Risk takes on mythical proportions! Five ancient civilizations - the Greeks, the Celts, the Babylonians, the Norse, and the Egyptians - are engaged in a continent-spanning battle to determine who will reign supreme. And in the ancient world, when the world goes to war, the Gods have been called to battle. Featuring the Gods of War, Sky, Death, and Magic, this is the game of Earthly Domination...and Beyond. Your battle will last 5 epochs, and the winner will be the one who best combines control of territories, continents, and the Underworld. This strategy game comes with 382 playing pieces, 1 Underworld game board, 1 Ancient Earth game board (20 x 30) and a 15 page rule book. For 2 - 5 Players, Ages 10 and Up.

Avalon Hill Nexus Ops Game

Nexus Ops Game

Deep-space explorers have discovered an abundance of rubium on a distant moon. Gaining authority over this rare and valuable resource is imperative to the Company - and that's where you and your mercenary strike force come in. Your drop zone is a few klicks away from one of the moon's monoliths, where the heaviest concentrations of rubium are located. Seize control of the area and establish the Company's claim to the rubium. You can expect heavy resistance from opposing corporate forces. So enlist the aid of any indigenous life forms you encounter. Just get the job done - by any means necessary. Game comes with 164 plastic figures, 90 cards (mission, secret mission, and energize cards), 98 tokens, 16 game board tiles, 1 monolith hex, 4 reference charts, 8 dice, and 1 rulebook. For 2 - 4 Players, Ages 12 and Up.

Avalon Hill Sword & Skull Game

Sword & Skull Game

Ahoy, mateys! That scurvy villain, the Pirate King, has stolen the Sea Hammer - the pride of Her Majesty's Royal Navy - and taken to the seas like the dog he is! It's up to you to commission a brave Officer of the Royal Navy to pursue that black-hearted cur, catch him, and turn him into shark bait. But he's a rascal, that Pirate King, so you'll need to recruit one of the dregs of the Queen's dungeons - because sometimes it takes a Pirate to catch a Pirate. Iffn' you discover where that swab is hiding, you'll need to beat the Pirate King in a duel or acquire enough Gold to buy back the ship. Act with haste, because you're not alone in this hunt, me bucko. Whoever saves the Sea Hammer first wins the Queen's undying gratitude - and the game! Comes with Game Board, 5 Pirate Plastic Figures, 5 Officer Plastic Figures, 36 Crew Cards, 16 Enemy Cards, 33 Fortune Cards, 20 Item Cards, 5 Player Cards, 80 Gold Tokens, 2 Dice, and Rules Sheet. For 2 - 5 Players, Ages 10 and Up.

RoboRally Game

RoboRally Game

As one of several supercomputers in a fully automated widget factory, you have it made. You are brilliant. You are powerful. You are sophisticated. You are BORED. So enjoy a little fun at the factory's expense! With other computers, you program factory robots and pit them against each other in frantic, destructive races across the factory floors. Be the first to touch the flags, in order, and you win it all: the honor, the glory, the grudging respect of the other computers. But first you have to get your robot past obstacles like gaping pits, industrial lasers, moving conveyor belts, and, of course, all the other robots! Game comes with 8 pre-painted plastic robots, 8 plastic flags, 110 program and option cards, 116 tokens, 4 two-sided factory floor boards, 1 two-sided docking bay board, 2 factory floor reference sheets, 8 player program sheets, 1 30-second timer, and 1 rulebook with course manual. For 2 - 8 Players, Ages 12 and Up.

Classic Avalon Hill

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Avalon Hill The Collector

1977 Avalon Hill # GA 290
The Collector - The exciting auction strategy game

Avalon Hill UFO

1978 Avalon Hill # GA 300
UFO - Game of Close Encounters

Avalon Hill Tactics

1983 Avalon Hill # AH 500
Tactics - The Original Realistic Land Army Wargame
25th Anniversary Edition

Avalon Hill Gettysburg

1977 Avalon Hill # AH 501
Gettysburg - Civil War Battle Game

Avalon Hill Tactics II

1961 Avalon Hill # AH 502
Tactics II - Army Group War Game

Avalon Hill Waterloo

1962 Avalon Hill # AH 516
Waterloo - Napoleonic Campaign Game

Avalon Hill Stalingrad

1963 Avalon Hill # AH 518
Stalingrad - Campaign in Russia - 1941-45

Avalon Hill The Battle of the Bulge

1965 Avalon Hill # AH 602
The Battle of the Bulge - World War II Ardennes Battle Game

Avalon Hill Anzio

1969 Avalon Hill # AH 704
Anzio - The Struggle for Italy 1943-1945

Avalon Hill Magic Realm

1978 Avalon Hill # AH 717
Magic Realm - Avalon Hill's Fantasy Game

Avalon Hill The Russian Campaign

1976 Avalon Hill # AH 718
The Russian Campaign - Avalon Hill's WWII Battle Game

Avalon Hill Bismarck

1978 Avalon Hill # AH 719
Bismarck -
Historical Battle Recreation of May 23, 1941

Avalon Hill Guadal Canal

1992 Avalon Hill # AH 735
Guadal Canal

Avalon Hill Kriegspiel

1970 Avalon Hill Game # AH 806
Kriegspiel - Avalon Hill's Military Chess Game

Avalon Hill Panzer Blitz

1970 Avalon Hill Game # AH 807
Panzer Blitz
The Game of Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-45

Avalon Hill 1971 Luftwaffe - The Game of Aerial Combat over Germany 1943-45

1971 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 809
Luftwaffe - The Game of Aerial Combat over Germany 1943-45

Avalon Hill Origins of World War II

1971 Avalon Hill Game # AH 810
Origins of World War II - Game of International Power-Politics

Avalon Hill Richthofen's War

1972 Avalon Hill Game # AH 811
Richthofen's War - The Air War 1916 - 1918

Avalon Hill The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich

1974 Avalon Hill Game # AH 813
Rise and Decline of the Third Reich

Avalon Hill Baseball Strategy

1984 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 814
Sports Illustrated Baseball Strategy

Avalon Hill 1776

1974 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 817
1776 - The Game of the American Revolutionary War

Avalon Hill The Arab-Israeli Wars

1977 Avalon Hill Game # AH 821
The Arab-Israeli Wars

Avalon Hill Air Assault on Crete

1977 Avalon Hill Game # AH 823
Air Assault on Crete Plus Invasion Malta 1942

Avalon Hill War and Peace

1980 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 827
War and Peace - Game of the Napoleonic Wars

Avalon Hill Fortress Europa

1980 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 828
Fortress Europa - World War II Western Front Invasion Game

Avalon Hill France, 1940

1972 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 840
The Game of France, 1940

Avalon Hill Tobruk

1975 Avalon Hill Game # AH 841
Tobruk - Tank Battles in North Africa: 1942

Avalon Hill The Mystic Wood

1980 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 845
The Mystic Wood

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

1984 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 857

Avalon Hill Empires in Arms

1986 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 864
Empire in Arms

Avalon Hill Knights of the Air

1967 Avalon Hill Game # AH 867
Knights of the Air

Avalon Hill Flight Leader

1986 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 871
Flight Leader

Avalon Hill Merchant of Venus

1988 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 876
Merchant of Venus

Avalon Hill Advanced Third Reich

1992 Avalon Hill Game # AH 888
Advanced Third Reich

Avalon Hill Outdoor Survival

1972 Avalon Hill Game # AH 895
Outdoor Survival - A Game About Wilderness Skills

Avalon Hill Bitter Woods

1998 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH 911
Bitter Woods - The Battle of the Bulge

Avalon Hill Tanktics

1981 Avalon Hill Game # AH 4012
Tanktics - Computer Game of Armored Combat on the Eastern Front

Avalon Hill Kampfgruppe Peiper I

1993 Avalon Hill Game # AH 8236
Kampfgruppe Peiper I
A Game of Tactical Warfare Ardennes 1944

Avalon Hill Circus Maximus

1980 Avalon Hill Game # AH 8939
Circus Maximus - Game of Chariot Racing in Ancient Rome

Avalon Hill Tank Arkade

1982 Avalon Hill Game # AH 43101
Tank Arkade - Arcade Pak #5 Microcomputer Game

Avalon Hill Incunabula

1984 Avalon Hill Game # AH 47554
Incunabula - Computer Game of the Rise of Civilization