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Atari Lynx Video Game Cards

Released by Atari in 1989, the Lynx was the first handheld electronic game console with a color LCD display. It also featured several advanced features such as advanced graphics, and ambidextrous layout. The Lynx was released in the same year as Nintendo's Game Boy. However, the Lynx went the way of Beta after failing to achieve the sales numbers needed to attract quality third party developers, and was eventually dropped by Atari.

1991 Atari  Lynx Video Game Card - PA2105
Crystal Mines 2

Crystal Mines 2 - Atari Lynx

1992 Atari  Lynx Video Game Card - PA2109
Power Factor

From the Back of the Box:

Transdimensional intruders from the Ceeg dimension have invaded our space. Only Redd Ace, with his Transmat Multi-Ordinance Weapon, can enter our dimension's reactor and find the six bomb components needed to destroy the Ceegarians.

Power Factor - Atari Lynx

1991 Atari  Lynx Video Game Card - PA2062

From the Back of the Box:

The fate of humanity is in your hands! You must explore the corners and passageways of Earth's last outpost in space and defeat the invading Xybots. If you fail, human life as we know it will end. Comlynx with a friend, or take on the dreaded Xybot warriors all alone.

Xybots - Atari Lynx

Atari Paddle 13 in 1 TV Games

Atari Paddle 13 in 1 TV Games

Give your joystick blisters a rest and pick up a smooth moving paddle! There’s no need to trade cartridges with your neighbors – 13 classic Atari paddle games have been programmed right into a replica of the Atari 2600 paddle. Just plug the paddle into your TV or VCR’s AV jacks, and start playing! It’s hours of fun for one. Comes with Breakout, Canyon Bomber, Casino, Circus Atari, Demons to Diamonds, Night Driver, Steeplechase, Street Racer, Super Breakout, Warlords, Arcade Pong, Video Olympics, and Warlords Arcade. 4 AA batteries required (not included). For Ages 5 and Up.