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NBC Games

At Home Entertainment

NBC Games published bookshelf games during the 1960's and early 1970's. These games were very much like the 3M Bookshelf games published during the same period.

Blurb from NBC Games Catalog:

A new series of stimulating and fun filled games and activities for the whole family. A new concept in home entertainment.

Developed in conjunction with Hasbro Industries this series of eight new games was designed to provide any family with a complete range of entertainment and a unique and attractive Home Entertainment Center.

The handsomely bound bookcase packages contain concepts which appeal to all tastes and all ages. They range in form from traditional board games to thought provoking topics which can be studied independently, discussed with a group, or, played as exciting games. They cover subjects dealing with investments, real estate and gambling, and rhyming as well as basic strategy, personality matching and dream analysis. Adults will appreciate all the skill and strategy that can be brought into play, while youngsters, using the basic principles involved, can have as much fun at their own level.

In any form or on any topic, these games and activities are fascinating to play and will provide hours of fun and excitement for the whole family.

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The World of Wallstreet - NBC Games

1969 NBC Games # 4000
The World of Wallstreet

Vegas - NBC Games

1969 NBC Games # 4005

Interpretation of Dreams - NBC Games

1969 NBC Games # 4015
Interpretation of Dreams

Trivia - NBC Games

1970 NBC Games # 4035

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