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Bitter Woods

The Battle of the Bulge

1998 Avalon Hill Bookshelf Game # AH911

On December 16th, 1944, Germany launched its last, desperate offensive in the West. Seven Panzer and thirteen infantry divisions burst out of the Ardennes and swept through the surprised and thinly held American line. In the most dramatic and bloodiest battle of the West, the American Army would soon slow and then stop the spearheads of Hitler's elite panzer armies.

Bitter Woods recreates the critical first eleven days of this historic struggle. Specific rules include: Mechanized Exploitation Movement, Bridge Demolition and construction, Kampfgruppe Peiper Breakout, Skorzeny Infiltration, Random Events, Hidden Fuel Dumps, Reserves, Leader Units, Air Power and Artillery Support.

  • one 22 x 32" unmounted map
  • 320 counters including markers
  • 16-page rulebook

Designed By: Randy Heller


Avalon Hill Bitter Woods