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Guadal Canal

Smithsonian Edition

1992 Avalon Hill # AH735

An interesting and entertaining re–creation of history, the game of GUADALCANAL is also a highly competitive game of chess–like subtlety played by moving the units representing the ships and air formations present during the historic campaign on identical Searchboards. Combats are resolved on a separate Battleboard. The first side to find the enemy wil be the first side to attack. Covered are the 1942 actions that set the stage for the rest of the Pacific War – the Battle of the Eastern Solomons in August, the Battle of Santa Cruz in October, and the decisive Battle of Guadalcanal in November. The Allied player must decide how best to deploy his forces to cover exposed Henderson Field and maintain contril of the air. The Japanese player, with a more powerful surface fleet, must try to seize control of the air, while maintaining surface control during the night. Both sides must be willing to take chances and fight major battles for control of the prize. Either side can win. Can YOU improve on actual performance, or even change history? YOUR decisions will make the difference.

Avalon Hill GuadalCanal