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The Mystic Wood

Fantasy Game of Exploration and Adventure

Avalon Hill 1980 - #845

From the Box:

The Mystic Wood is a fantasy for 2 to 4 players, set in an ever-changing forest that lies somewhere between Earth and Heaven.

Each player chooses as his champion a Knight, who sets forth from the Earthly Gate to fulfill a certain Quest. Moving by turns along available paths, the players explore the map. Whenever a Knight discovers a glade, he draws a role card from the small pack. He may find a spell, which will affect all the players, or he may find a denizen: that is: a person or creature, who is present in the glade.

On being encountered by a Knight, a denizen may act in one of several ways, depending on its nature and sometimes the throw of a die. Through such encounters, the Knight acquires strength, prowess, and useful things to help him fulfill his Quest.

Players may work against one another or cooperate in many ways. Two Knights occupying the same area may joust with one another or join against a common enemy.

A player wins the game by fulfilling his Quest and leaving the Wood by the Enchanted Gate.

The game is larely inspired by two romantic epics of the 16th century: Ariosto's Orlando Furioso (Mad Roland) and Spenser's The Faerie Queen. The first is set in an imaginary Europe of Charlemagne, the second in the realm of Queen Gloriana, and both poems concern the adventures of various Knights in search of love and glory.

The heroes and heroines wander through a sketchily-defined landscape punctuated by occasional palaces and cities and peopled with a host of minor characters: wizards, crones, clerics, distressed maidens, robbers, royalty, rustics, and fierce "paynims" slightly resembling Saracens. The always interesting encounters of the Knights with these characters and with one another form a succession of episodes which can be re-created in the game.

We present, with pride, Mystic Wood - a fantasy game of exploration and adventure for all ages.

      Game Parts:
    • Game Box
    • 45 Map Cards
    • 5 Knight Role Cards
    • 3 Spell Role Cards
    • 29 Denizen Role Cards
    • Rules for Play Booklet (16 pages)
    • 4 Knight Tokens
    • 2 Dice

Box Front

The Mystic Wood

Game Parts

The Mystic Wood

Box Back

The Mystic Wood