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RuneQuest 3rd Edition
Deluxe Boxed Set

Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure

Avalon Hill 1984 - #857

From the Box:

Your mounts are thirsty and weary. The green lands of home are many days behind. You ride into peril and fate unforeseen, for the dangers, monsters, and powers ahead are vast.

But you and your friends are tough and cunning. You have mastered many of RuneQuest's hundreds of magical spells and conditions. You have chosen well from over 80 weapons and 11 types of armor. Each of you is different and individual - you belong to definate cultures, your parents taught you crafts, trades, and skills. You have joined together to accomplish heroic deeds, and the mightiest evil will pause before your determined fellowship.

RuneQuest unites game and imaginative reality. The combat rules are drawn from the author's long experience with hand-to-hand combat. Using the magic rules you can recreate any wizard or mage of fiction or film, or create new ones yet undreamed of. By manipulating a few basic values you can play individual and unique adventures drawn from ten intelligent species.

Unparalleled realism and flexibility are yours, supported by rules easily understood and enjoyable to play. Though the RuneQuest rules examples are set in the Dark Ages of fantasy Europe, the game system is playable within any fantasy world.

      Game Parts:
    • Game Box
    • Players Book
    • Magic Book
    • Creatures Book
    • Gamemasters Book
    • Introduction to Glorantha
    • Pullouts (Player aids and game aids)
    • Adventure and Character Sheets
    • Fantasy Europe full-color map
    • Dice - 2 d20, 1 d8, 3 d6
    • Reg Card
    • Heroes Magazine Ad insert

Box Front

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Players Book and Magic Book

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Gamemaster Book and Creatures Book

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Glorantha Book and Player Aids Book

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Game Aids Book and Fantasy Europe Map

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Die, Registration Card, and Heroes Ad

Avalon Hill RuneQuest

Back of Box

Avalon Hill RuneQuest