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War and Peace

Game of the Napoleonic Wars

Avalon Hill 1980 - #827

From the Box:

War and Peace - Game of the Napoleonic Wars: 1805-1815: On December second, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was coronated Emperor of France. By placing the crown upon his head with his own hands, Bonaparte brought all of Europe to the brink of war. For by its very nature, the act of self-coronation threatened the rule and challenged the legitimacy of every government then in existence.

To restore the sanctity of divine right and position based on noble birth, the European monarchies branded Bonaparte an international outlaw and pledged to remain at war against France until the Corsican usurper was overthrown and the Bourbon rule restored. For the next ten years the fate of the French Empire rested on the abilities of one man; as a warrior, and as a peacemaker.

Now, the game of War and Peace begins again. Now YOU command Napoleon's Grand Armee in all the massive, desperate campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. From the mountains of Portugal to the endless Russian steppes, War and Peace traces the rise, fall, return and final defeat of history's greatest soldier, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ten Campaign Scenarios

From the autumn of 1805 through the climactic summer of 1815, the entire ten year conflict between France, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Spain, is recreated in ten seperate scenarios. Each historical campaign is presented as a seperate two-player game with an average playing time of 2-3 hours.

The first scenario, Austerlitz-1805, is a short introductory game pitting France against the combined armies of Austria and Russia. The next pair of scenarios, Jena to Friedland: 1806-1807, and Wagram-1809, recreate the campaigns during which the French army and Empire reached the dominant position among the major European powers. napoleon in Russia-1812, and the War of Liberation-1813, are finely balanced, massive campaigns for the control of eastern and central Europe. Napoleon at Bay-1814, and Waterloo-1815, are scenarios that depict Napoleon's desperate efforts to stave off total defeat. The Peninsular War: 1808-1814, recreates the six year Anglo-French conflict for control of the Spanish peninsula. A shorter scenario entitled, Spain: 1811-1814, focuses on the decisive period of Wellington's victorious campaign which drove the French back across the Pyrenees. The final, War and Peace: 1805-1815 Grand Campaign game (suitable for up to six players) is undoubtedly the ultimate game of Napoleonic strategy.

Game Parts:
  • Game Box
  • One Rulebook
  • Four Mapboard Panels
  • Four Sheets of Die-cut Playing Pieces - over 1000 counters
  • Two Player-Aid Cards
  • Two Dice

Box Front

Box Back

Map Boards

Rule Book

Player Aid Card

Campaign Aid Card

Bags of Counters

More Bags of Counters