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Interpretation of Dreams

Bookshelf Game

NBC At Home Entertainment - Hasbro 1969 #4015

From the Instruction Booklet:

Interpretation of Dreams is a unique concept in home entertainment. With the aid of a specially compiled Dream Dictionary you are able to explore the fascinating world of dreams. You may wish to study it yourself, discuss it with friends or enjoy it as a fun-filled game where everyone plays amateur psychiatrist. No matter which way you choose to approach the subject though, it will always result in your getting a better insight into yourself and your friends.

The game itself is best played by a group of from four to six players, although as many as twelve may participate. The purpose of the game is to analyze dreams identified only by a number, and to try to guess the dreamer's identity. Points are scored by the number of correct identifications made.

      Game Parts:
    • 1 NBC Dream Dictionary with 800 Symbol Words for dream analysis.
    • 1 Pad of "I Dreamt" sheets for writing accounts of dreams.
    • 1 Pad of "Dream Interpretation" sheets on which Symbol Words and meanings as well as interpretations of the dreams are recorded.
    • 1 Tally Sheet
    • 12 Dream Chips - Numbered from 1 to 12

Box Front

Interpretation of Dreams - NBC Games

Outer and Inner Box

Interpretation of Dreams - NBC Games

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Interpretation of Dreams - NBC Games