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Trivia Bookshelf Game

NBC At Home Entertainment - Hasbro 1970 #4035

From the Instruction Booklet:

Trivia - For groups of two to 20. Amaze your friends with all the facts you've known but never had a chance to show off. Whether you know a little or a lot, here's your chance to prove your knowledge.

The object of "Trivia" is for a player to maximize his score by filling in as many blocks as possible on his game sheet. Quick recall of facts from a broad range of subjects is the key to this fascinating game.

      Game Parts:
    • Vinyl Sealed Master Score Board
    • Wax Scoring Pencil (1)
    • Sand Timer (2 Minute)
    • Pad of Game Sheets
    • Plastic Letter Tiles
    • Deck of Category Cards

Box Front

Trivia Bookshelf Game - NBC Games

Outer and Inner Box

Trivia Bookshelf Game - NBC Games

View of all the Contents

Trivia Bookshelf Game - NBC Games