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The World of Wallstreet

NBC At Home Entertainment - Hasbro 1969 #4000

From the Instruction Booklet:

NBC's The World of Wall Street is an easy to play, fast moving game which will introduce you to the world of stock market investing. You will learn about the pros and cons of owning glamour issues, growth stocks and blue chips. As each day's transactions occur you will see how new headlines affect the stock prices of the different corporations. Speculate like the professionals, buying low and selling high in order to become the wealthiest investor after twenty-four days (rounds) of transactions. The Stock Price Calculator included will easily compute all the transactions for you.

      Game Parts:
    • Wall Street Playing Board (1)
    • Wall Street Quote Cards (24)
    • Wall Street Quote Board with First Issue Prices (1)
    • Record of Transactions Pad (1)
    • Common Stock Certificates (8 sets of 20 each)
    • Stock Price Calculator (1)
    • Set of Dice (1)
    • 100 Million Dollar Bills (20)
    • 10 Million Dollar Bills (20)
    • 5 Million Dollar Bills (30)
    • 1 Million Dollar Bills (40)
    • 100 Thousand Dollar Bills (80)
    • Corporate Seals (8)

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World of Wallstreet - NBC Games

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World of Wallstreet - NBC Games

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World of Wallstreet - NBC Games