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Death Maze

Heroic Adventure in the Corridors of Doom

S.P.I. (Simulations Publications, Inc.) # SPI 2800 - 1979

From Game Insert:

DeathMaze - Heroic Adventure in the Corridors of Doom - In DeathMaze, there is no map of the deadly labyrinth; instead, players build up the maze room by room and corridor by corridor. In each section of the deathmaze may lurk terrible monsters ready to pounce upon treasures of untold wealth, magical potions, spices, and medallions to aid the humans. The game includes two identical sets of 100 cardboard playing pieces, a 16 page rules booklet.

      Game Parts:
    • Box
    • Rules of Play
    • 2 sets of 100 carboard playing pieces
    • Errata / Designers sheet
    • Player Aid insert with actual size photo of countersheet included

Death Maze Box

Death Maze SPI Game

Death Maze Rules of Play

Death Maze SPI Game

Player Aid insert

Death Maze SPI Game

Errata Sheet

Death Maze SPI Game