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U Bang It Action Target Game

Game Makers, Inc. NY USA #73

Game by Arthur Dritz - Art by Joseph Gould

This game was purchased along with several other vintage items dating to the early 1940's. The game itself is undated, but the stereotypical African Tribesman (and very politically incorrect) art lends itself to this era. The game is worn, and I'm not sure if it's complete or not. It comes with the box, stand up heavy cardboard target board with wooden bases to stand it up, and three heavy cardboard targets with wooden bases. The back of the cardboard target has two wooden slats, one at the middle that lines up with the bottom of the hole in board and one that runs along the top edge for the three targets to sit on.

U Bang It Action Target Game
U Bang It Action Target Game
U Bang It Action Target Game
U Bang It Action Target Game